Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting Started

We are starting this blog so that more people can learn about the work of the Freedom Market. Our research team, Joanne Larson, Joyce Duckles, George Moses, Courtney Hanny, Tomas Boatwright, Archer Wu, Robert Moses, Wallace Smith, Maurice Brooks and Gabriel Hudgeon, will all take a turn posting as we develop the blog.

What is the Freedom Market? It is a community transformation initiative and a collaborative participatory action research project. Northeast Area Development (NEAD) is a community development organization that purchased a ubiquitous urban "corner store" in order to transform it into a cornerstone of the neighborhood. Tired of living in an urban food desert, George (NEAD's executive director) lead NEAD to purchase the store and to change it into a healthy resource for the community. The research project is a collaboration between NEAD and faculty and students from the University of Rochester's Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

Together, we are out to change the world. Join us in our adventure. 

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